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Life can be easy and boring, or difficult and exciting. Those who join Mindset Experts have chosen the exciting path. Because when you test your limits, when you do the difficult thing, that’s when you truly feel alive. Which is the life you want? Make your choice.


Working with the group has been powerful for me. In one of our group sessions, we
committed together to taking a bold action. For me, that means going to physical
places and selling my product. It feels so good facing your fear – showing your face
in a public space, facing that rejection, building resilience. We have so many barriers
and blockers in our minds, but talking with the group really opened up new options.
We are like-minded, but we don’t think alike – we all have a different way of looking
at things. It’s a culture of respect and of authenticity, where I don’t feel judged.

– Stefania Pellegrino, Managing Director of Purely Plantain