Where I can help right now

I’ve worked with over 300 entrepreneurs and understand the challenges you may be facing

If you are an entrepreneur with a team of less than 20 I can help you:

To get a grip on your short term strategy so it is crystal clear for everybody. Create the tactical plan and assign the roles and responsibilities.

To help your team communicate more effectively and cohesively. There are a lot of emotions and different thinking styles on your teams at the moment. Let’s address these and find the best way your your specific team to move forward together as one

To support you as the leader to give you a channel to talk out what’s in your head. There are things that you want to talk out that you may feel there is no outlet for you because you don’t want to worry others or burden them. I can be that outlet for you

Just e-mail me on and we can set up a call (and forget about the money for now, we can sort something out further down the line, I just want to help where I can)

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Visionary entrepreneur

2+ years into the journey

Team of less than 20


A clear strategy

A tactical roadmap

To level up as a leader

The Visionary’s Journey

The Beginning

There are a small number of visionary entrepreneurs in the world

They can handle the chaos and uncertainty of bringing an idea forward from nothing

They can handle the rejection when it initially doesn’t work. They will find another way

Their charisma draws people towards them and they assemble a small team

The business starts to grow and they build a customer base

The business is working, probably even award winning

But entrepreneur knows that something isn’t right

There are now so many moving parts that it’s hard to stay on top of everything

The business could be performing at a much higher level

But it’s not clear how to do it

What’s happening now

Why that’s happening

The business now needs foundations built on stability and clarity

But the entrepreneur’s mind is not set up to crave stability and clarity, they crave creativity and opportunities

And when a visionary mind is turned inwards it creates constant change and flux

They run the risk of destabilising the team

And they stop moving the business forward

The vision must be turned into a tactical roadmap

The roles and responsibilities need to be defined

Ownership has to be devolved to the team

The culture must be purposefully shaped

Because once they are in place the entrepreneur can focus their mind where they can create the most impact

Facing outwards to find new opportunities to create the future

What needs to happen next

How I help you


We’ll create the strategic roadmap and the tactical plan


We’ll work on you and the next phase of your evolution as an entrepreneurial leader

My Philisophy

This is a relationship, we have to share certain principles


“You already know that, I only have to convince you I’m the guy to help you accelerate yours”


“Profit is essential, but entrepreneurs who are driven solely by money are dull”


“The secrets to your growth are often in the dark parts of your mind – you have to face your fears”

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