I’ve worked with over 300 entrepreneurs in the last five years at all different stages and I’ve seen a recurring pattern in terms of progression. If they have the right idea and the determination they can get into the marketplace, but then they get caught in a ‘no man’s land’ where the way forward is really unclear. Then the problem for the ambitious ones is that the journey becomes a source of frustration, knowing you want more but not knowing what to do about it.

Yes, you do need the right strategic approach. Over my years of experience I’ve developed the tools and framework that you need to get focused and be working on answering the right questions. But what makes the fundamental difference is a shift in mindset.

You either don’t know what’s stopping you or you’re not taking the action you need to in order to level up. The reason, and your answers, lie in your subconscious. It’s my job to enable you access that, to reframe who you are and who you want to become, because it’s your mindset that is going to determine whether you make it to the next level or stay where you are.

Working with me is going to test you. I will dig deep and ask the challenging questions. But the trade off is gaining that extra level of insight into yourself and who you can become. From there you can make the choice to accelerate your progress, to reach your next level. And if you commit to yourself, I’ll commit to you, pushing and supporting you in equal measure.


You’ve got to be commercially aware, if you don’t make money then you’ve got no business. But this isn’t the key driver for the people I work with. More sales is a driver primarily because it helps them to fulfil their mission, they want to create massive impact.

  • Angus sells holidays to disabled travellers, but what he really wants to do is to change the way the whole industry works for his clients. To move it away from being some diluted version of an ‘able-bodied’ holiday into an experience that is so much more.
  • Stef sells exotic snacks, but she’s doing that because she wants to link people together through food, to encourage curiosity and exploration of the world we live in.
  • Manjinder wants to change the student experience so learning works for every student. Mark wants to rid the world of child obesity. Bally wants to employers to be able to give their people the best development paths. Antony wants to link schools and employers so people can choose meaningful careers. The list goes on.

What do you want to do?

If this sounds like what you’re looking for then book in using the link below and let’s have a conversation. I believe that everybody accelerates their development with a good coach (I have my own), but it HAS to be the right match for both parties. So there is no hard sell from me, just an honest conversation about what you need and whether I’m the guy for you.

If you’ve got this point then you are looking for you next level, it’s time to go on the adventure to find it.


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