The journey starts with you.

Becoming a Mindset Expert is no easy task. To earn your place, you will first embark on a four-week, e-learning programme that pushes you to break down your barriers in a quest for clarity and focus.

It will take you 2.5 hours per week to do it. Too busy? Don’t have time? You’ve just found out why you’re not levelling up your life. You don’t want it enough.

Our 4-week programme separates the hungry from the complacent. You will need to successfully complete this accelerator before going up to the next level.


  • To understand what mindset is and how it impacts your life
  • Identify your Superpowers (your core abilities)
  • Gain clarity on your vision and the extent of your ambition
  • You will come to learn the key blockers to your progress and then overcome them with a stronger mindset

Process: The online programme is delivered through 30 minute modules to be completed each day, Monday to Friday, for four weeks. Each week, we will evolve your mindset by focusing on a specific area.

Week 1 – Introduction to Mindset

Week 2 – Your Identity

Week 3 – Your Vision and Plan

Week 4 – Barriers and Blockers

Next Step: The 4-week accelerator is designed to test your level of commitment. If, and only if, you complete everything, will you be ready to apply for the 12-week programme.


  • Accelerate your development by executing at pace on your plan
  • You will test your limits and work outside of your comfort zone
  • Determine what type of leader you want to become
  • Manage your fears and master your ego in the next level of mindset development

Our clients’ specific outcomes have included:

  • Reaching ambitious business goals related to turnover or organisational capacity
  • Accelerating their career development
  • Achieving a life balance that makes them more effective

Process: Before we begin, you will create a 90-day plan with your coach to get clarity on where you want to go. Through e-learning, one to one coaching sessions and Mastermind groups, you will challenge yourself and gain new perspectives from likeminded, driven individuals. This is the next level where expectations are high and you will strive to reach your full potential.

  • Initial planning session with coach
  • 6 e-learning modules – one per fortnight
  • One to one coaching sessions – 45 minute sessions over Skype – one per month
  • Mastermind group – 2-hour meeting – one per month

Next Step: One you have levelled up, continue pushing yourself and others in our Mindset Experts community.

If you complete the 4 week and the 12 week accelerators successfully, then you will have earned the right to join the Mindset Experts community. The people at this level are driven and committed to reaching their full potential, while also supporting each other to reach that next level.

Your journey at this point becomes much more bespoke to your individual needs. You will work with your coach to identify exactly who and what you need to have around you to continue your development. This can include external specialist coaches, identifying and sourcing mentors and advancing your knowledge with specific courses.

As a community member, you gain access to exclusive members only events which will include guest speakers, workshops and Mastermind groups. This community of your peers operates at advanced levels of thinking. You will be challenged and inspired to achieve more.

At this point you will know the truth that your development is limited only to the extent of your ambition, you decide how far you want to take it.

Start Your Journey


My experience is that working at that deeper level, at the level of mindset, has
transformed me from a raw but passionate individual to someone who is very self-
aware and knows what I want to achieve and what is important to me in life. Making
change at that personal level has also brought huge benefits to the business – this
year we have grown by an incredible 500%.

– Angus Drummond, Founder and CEO of Limitless Travel