Interview with THE expert on expertise development

How do you develop expertise? To find the answer I spoke to the expert on expertise development, Fernand Gobet. Author of ‘Understanding Expertise’ and Professor of Cognitive Psychology at the University of Liverpool, he’s a thought leader in this field. We talked about the impact of your genetics on expertise development and what the best systems are to maximise a person’s chance of making it to world class.   Before we begin, I personally believe […]

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Feel the Fear and…Find Your Tribe

Fear. You need to feel it. Without it you would take crazy risks and put yourself in mortal danger. However fear is also the emotion that stops most of us from growing. So what’s really going on? In her bestselling book ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ Susan Jeffers states there are three levels of fear. This applies to everything you fear (decision making, making a mistake, ending or starting a relationship etc.) but […]

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Finding the Right Mentor

I’ll open with making a distinction because two terms often get interchanged that I don’t see as synonymous. A mentor is not the same as a coach. I’m not saying that’s the definitively ‘right’ way to see it, it’s just how I see it and here’s why. A coach should be somebody who is specifically experienced in just that – coaching. They know how to challenge you so that you can become your best self. […]

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12 Questions to find your Five People

You are the average of the five people you spend most time with.  Here’s four reasons why and twelve questions to help you find out if you’ve got the right five for you. Learning I’m really not sure how to frame this one up people. If you don’t have a focused learning goal and a learning strategy to improve your knowledge or skills then you’re already way off the pace. Your five should contain people […]

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Ego is The Enemy

Ego being a problem gets confused with ego mania. They are not the same thing at all. The narcissistic, self-absorbed and self-righteous ego manic is not reading this anyway, they are too busy looking in the mirror or imposing their will somewhere. I’m not writing this for them, I’m writing it for those of you who want to become world class. Because if you want to become a Mindset Expert you need to see ego […]

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My experience is that working at that deeper level, at the level of mindset, has
transformed me from a raw but passionate individual to someone who is very self-
aware and knows what I want to achieve and what is important to me in life. Making
change at that personal level has also brought huge benefits to the business – this
year we have grown by an incredible 500%.

– Angus Drummond, Founder and CEO of Limitless Travel