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Our Top 5 Promises

  1. We will give you the tools to become more productive
  2. We will help you clarify your strategy so you know what is really important and what to do next
  3. We will enable you to develop better habits
  4. We will challenge you to develop yourself, to take your thinking and actions to the next level
  5. We will support you when it gets tough

Our Top 5 Expectations

  1. You are looking to become a leader in your niche
  2. You want to be asked difficult questions, even when you don’t like your answer
  3. You agree to accountability in order to help you focus
  4. You are prepared to look holistically at your entire business (not just ‘more sales’)
  5. You are committed to making progress


Mike Davis

“I cannot express how valuable I found the course to be. To say it has revolutionised my self-awareness and thinking wouldn’t be an overstatement. The course challenged me to, among other things, get out of my comfort zone – with fantastic unpredictable consequences.”

Mike DavisFounder


Who is Mindset Experts for?

Mindset Experts was created for ambitious entrepreneurs who are dedicated to their personal and professional development. Our clients have typically been in business for two to five years and have reached a growth inflection point. They see significant potential in themselves and their business and are looking to step up to the next level.

How does it work?

It’s a twelve week programme. We start with a 90 minute kick off call to assess where you are in your business and personal development, and where you want to get to.

Using our library of e-learning modules we build a bespoke learning journey together so you can focus on what’s important to you.

We then support you with one to one coaching calls once a fortnight, with weekly online accountability check-ins to keep you honest on your progress.

What if I’m not getting the results I want?

We talk beforehand to make sure that we’re right for each other. If for any reason you are not getting results from doing the work then we’re more than happy to give you a full refund (though honestly this is yet to happen, even once).

Do you invest in companies?

We don’t invest directly. What we do is enable you to prepare for investment by giving you essential frameworks and tools to develop your pitch-deck and plan. Armed with a new mindset, tools and plan you will be prepared to approach the groups right for your next stage of growth.

How can I be sure you’re right for me?

If you’ve looked at the programme and would like any more information just drop us a line on the contact form or book in a 30 min video call and we can go over it. What we do works for a specific type of entrepreneur at a particular stage in their journey, let’s make sure we’re right for each other.

Are you ready to be go to the next level?

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