MSE Story

What are we capable of?

It’s a question I didn’t ask myself in the first few chapters of my life. I did the typical thing of going to Uni and starting a career as a technical analyst. I felt I was doing what I was supposed to be doing; earn decent money, have a social life and buy some stuff.

But walking into work one day, on a route I had taken over a thousand times, I had a diamond tipped epiphany. I just didn’t care about what I was doing. Whether the e-mail system was secure, if Robert had deleted his files again or if the CRM system was syncing up. I knew from that exact moment that this was not the path I was meant to be on.

Joe Trodden, CEO at Mindset Experts

I had always been interested in people’s minds so I took a distance learning degree with the Open University whilst continuing to work in my IT job. I had the misplaced notion that I needed a degree to change roles, maybe I felt somewhere that I needed ‘permission’ to do something else (by the way, you don’t).

Yet what that process did was to start my life pivoting towards the right thing:

  • I volunteered in mental health, which showed me that people’s clinical problems were often a result of something that happened when they were younger…
  • I switched from mental health to disadvantaged young people. I worked for the Princes Trust and went on to set up my own social enterprise. But that only showed me that it was within the economic system where you could make the most impact…
  • Which led to me working for Entrepreneurial Spark, coaching entrepreneurs to reach their potential.

It was here, working with some amazing people both as colleagues and clients, that I found the answer I had been looking for. I had always wanted to create a positive impact in the world and I had found the key to doing that. The key to unlocking human potential.

It is mindset.

Having coached over 500 people, something has become crystal clear to me. That everybody has a set of ‘Superpowers’, specific abilities that are a result of your genetics, your environment and your passions. Only by identifying and focusing on these can you reach your full potential. Anything else may get you a comfortable life, you’ll do OK, but you’ll never become the best at what you do. You won’t make it to world class.

That’s why I set up Mindset Experts. To creating the systems and the community where people can develop their Superpowers and test themselves at their absolute limits, to find out what they are truly capable of.

Why is that important?

Here’s the big play. As a species, if we keep doing things the way we are currently, then we’re finished. It’s over. We’re going to run out of food and water. The environment that is so perfectly in balance to support us when we are not wreaking havoc on it, will be destroyed. We can turn all that round.

But that’s just the basic foundation level.

There are over seven billion people on the planet. That means, because of how we’re doing things, every single year, billions of years of human potential are lost. Wasted. What would happen if we were operating closer to or full potential? Imagine what would be possible.

I’m not saying that everybody has to devote their lives to ending world hunger or saving the environment. Doing that simply isn’t going to work. What I am saying is that that if we live at our full potential then not only does your own life improve exponentially, but it also impacts on the people around us. Those who want to raise their game see that there is a way to do it. They see what is possible.

What this movement needs is people to lead the way. These early leaders need to have a superhuman level of commitment to developing themselves. They have to want to leave the excuses behind, be completely honest about who they are, and challenge themselves to do and become more. They have to be willing to do the difficult thing. This is the hard path to follow and it is only for the committed few.

Yet the reward is a life that combines success, purpose and true meaning. It’s one where we can make real impact. One where we lead by example to show the rest of the world what’s possible. Where we can look back on what our lives were and see the impact we created.

The choice to take that path is open to all of us. It just depends on what you really want. Who will you become and what will we do? Let’s find out.

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My experience is that working at that deeper level, at the level of mindset, has
transformed me from a raw but passionate individual to someone who is very self-
aware and knows what I want to achieve and what is important to me in life. Making
change at that personal level has also brought huge benefits to the business – this
year we have grown by an incredible 500%.

– Angus Drummond, Founder and CEO of Limitless Travel