Strategy: My clients want somebody to help them to get their strategy out of their head and into an actionable plan for the team to execute on

Mindset: They are obsessed with personal development and want to evolve into the next version of themselves


We start with a call to work out if we are right for each other

If we are then we will spend a half day together so I can understand you and your business

We’ll then create your bespoke plan for our 90 days together


Creating the plan and the roadmap

Being reactive, operating on a shoestring and doing all the tough work yourself is essential in the start-up phase. But now there are too many moving pieces and it’s becoming a constant fire fight. You’ve got to change if you want to get clarity.

This starts with creating an effective strategy. After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs I’ve developed the framework you need for this stage.

We’ll define PEAK POINT which is the furthest point in the journey that you believe you can get to.  That helps us to shape the milestones on your journey so we can sharpen our focus on MILESTONE 1, creating the ROADMAP and 3 LINE STRATEGY to get there.


  • A written strategy and tactical plan to give you and your people clarity
  • Defined roles and ownership in your team
  • Start to embed the culture


Accelerate your development


The drivers of your world view


How you perceive and react to the world


Your unique abilities

Warrior – ‘My mission is my life’

Ruler – “Take responsibility for the kingdom”

Explorer – “Find the uncharted territory”

Caregiver – “I’m here for you”

Jester – “Let’s have some fun”

Innocent – “See the best in everything”

Sage – “The pursuit of knowledge”

Citizen – “Everybody is equal”

Artist – “Beauty is all around us”

Creator – “Bring the idea to reality”

Magician – “There’s always another way”

Rebel – “Rules are there to be broken”


Your unique abilities

Why this matters

You have a subset of strengths that you can take to world class levels. They need to be identified and developed

There are certain abilities you have where you enter a state called ‘flow’. In a flow state you are energised, focused and accelerating the development of your skills.

This sub-set of your strengths are where you can develop to world class levels. .

We work out what your Superpowers are and shape your strategic approach so you can spend more time in a flow state.


Let’s have a conversation to make sure this is right for you

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