the programme works

Tailored learning journey

Weekly accountability for taking action

Challenge and support through one to one coaching


is the time commitment?

2 hours per week learning modules

15 minute weekly accountability update

1 hour per fortnight coaching call



What’s the plan?

The first five weeks of this strand are about getting you focused and clear on the plan

You will build out your strategy using our flexible framework which enables you to stay focused yet also adapt quickly as your business develops

Weeks six to twelve are then defined by you based on your needs

Week 1 – Customer Persona: Who are your market adopters?

Week 2 – Massive Transformative Purpose: How do you impact their lives?

Week 3 – Vision: What is the future you see?

Week 4 – 12 Month Roadmap: What are the milestones to get there?

Week 5 – The Plan: Get focused on now and next

Weeks 6-12 – You Decide: We’ll now know where to focus our attention to get to your next level. Options include Sales Funnels, Competitive Advantage, Messaging, Culture, Leadership Team, Financials, Investment, Team Building, 10X Strategies, Product Development


Who will you become?

Your way forward is already in your mind

Your challenge is that your subconscious is not being accessed

We’ll tap into that to dismantle the blockers and ramp up your abilities

Week 1 – What is mindset and why it matters: The foundations

Week 2 – How your brain works: Changing your wiring

Week 3 – The Development Process: The journey you will undertake

Week 4 – Core Self and MTP: Who you want to become

Week 5 – Personality types: Where you will build from

Week 6 – Superpowers and Kryptonite: Where you can become world class

Week 7 – Values and Dark Drivers: Defining your guidelines

Week 8 – Authentic Confidence: Balancing your ego

Week 9 – Decision Making: How you will decide in uncertainty

Week 10 – Doubt and Fear: How to push through the darkness

Week 11 – Thinking Errors: Breaking unhelpful thinking loops

Week 12 – The Hero’s Journey: Your next stage of evolution


How we work together

Weekly online accountability check-in

2 hours of one to one coaching per month over Skype

A unique relationship of challenge and support

What my clients say

“You help me to think bigger”

“You really care about people when you give feedback”

“Brutally honest when I need you to be”

“There are times when I hate you”

“When we talk I know you have no axe to grind”

“I can talk to you about things I can’t share anywhere else”

“You challenge me in a positive way”

“You bring a fresh perspective”

  • Getting to the next level is a test of your commitment
  • This programme gives you the opportunity to see what you are capable of
  • Weekly accountability is a non-negotiable component 
  • You have to want that level of accountability or the pace of this programme won’t be right for you



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