If you want to level up you must first understand your mind

Only when you know yourself will you be able to get clarity and create the right strategy to execute

12 weeks to get to your next level

Bespoke e-learning programme

Fortnightly coaching sessions

Weekly accountability



Who will you become?

Mindset is not just ‘thinking positive’

It is every aspect of  your perception and reaction to the world

Your growth is dependent on understanding your unique mindset

So you can make a choice about whether to go further, I want to be clarify what ‘mindset’ means on this programme.

Mindset is everything about how you see the world and your place within it. It’s your unique psychological profile encompassing how you think, communicate, lead, what you fear – every aspect of your life.

It is impacting you all the time, if you don’t know how or why then you can’t level up. You won’t be able to expand your perspectives, understand your biases, tackle your fears or maximise your unique abilities.

The flip side is that when you do understand what is happening in your mind, when you can step outside of the moment, then you start operating at a new level. You gain control of who you become. You make active choices about what your next level looks like. And decide how far you want to go.


Your thinking style will accelerate you or sabotage you. Find out how to use it to your advantage


Everybody has a set of abilities where they can become exceptional. Learn how to identify, develop and leverage them


To face your fears and conquer them you have to develop the courage to look deeper at their source – the Shadow Self


  • Know your strengths and how to leverage them in your business
  • Be more confident and authentic in your decision making
  • Understand what’s driving your fears so you can move past them to take action

You have to want to work on your mind and be challenged to evolve your thinking


What’s the plan?

Knowing your mindset changes the question

The old question was ‘how can it be done?’

The question now is ‘how can I do it?’

Being reactive, operating on a shoestring and doing all the tough work yourself is essential in the start-up phase. But now there are too many moving pieces and it’s becoming a constant fire fight. You’ve got to change if you want to get clarity.

This starts with creating an effective strategy. After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs I’ve developed the framework you need for this stage.

We work on your PERSONAL VISION first to make sure that you are creating the life and impact you want. Then we’ll define PEAK POINT which is the furthest point in the journey that you believe you can get to.  That helps us to shape the milestones on your journey so we can sharpen our focus on MILESTONE 1, creating the ROADMAP and 3 LINE STRATEGY to get there.


  • A written strategy to give you and your people true clarity on the plan
  • A clear set of actions for the next 90 days
  • Know the gaps you need to fill to get to where you want to be

I will ask you the hard and uncomfortable questions to help you find the clarity you need


How we work together

You now know what you need to do

This stage is about discipline, focus and accountability

The more you execute the faster you will level up

Weekly online accountability check-in

2 hours of one to one coaching per month over Skype

A unique relationship of challenge and support

When it comes to execution you will set your goals, you decide what to do and when. It’s my job to make sure that you stay true to yourself and who you want to become. Sometimes that’s about testing your limits at the edge, sometimes it’s about refocusing, sometimes it’s about sharing your vulnerabilities and fears. What it is always about is action and progress. You want to be the best at what you do. I’m here to be at your side to help you to do exactly that.


  • Taking focused and consistent action
  • Setting stretch goals to take you out of your comfort zone
  • Always moving towards your next level

I‘m not here to be your friend, I’m here to help you drive your evolution


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