The Challenge

4 Week Entrepreneurial Mindset Accelerator

Weekly accountability check-ins

Make measurable progress

Only for those that can commit to a result driven and intensive programme

Your Outcomes

Define and maximise your strengths to accelerate your business

Face down your blockers to progress

A clear 90 day plan execution plan

Make a permanent upgrade to your entrepreneurial mindset

Your Commitment

3 hours per week online programme

30-45 min tasks Monday to Thursday

You choose and set your actions on Challenge Friday

Online accountability check-ins by Sunday at 17:00

Upgrade Your Mindset…Upgrade Your Actions

Week 1

Why Mindset Matters

If you’re not feeling content or are frustrated with your progress, then the most likely reason is you need a mindset refresh. This week we’ll show you how the way you think impacts the things you do, and what you can do about it to get to the next level.

Week 2

Your Unique Abilities

 This week focuses on understanding your individual strengths and thinking style. We’ll enable you to look at your unique abilities, effective communication and how to handle fears. By the end of the week you’ll be able to maximise your strengths and remove those mindset barriers from your subconscious, so you accelerate towards your goals.

Week 3

Application and Execution

By now you will understand the power of your mindset and how it impacts your behaviour in all aspects of your business. From effective decision making to enhanced leadership, from productivity through to managing a team, week 3 focuses on how you can use your unique approach to execute better in all of these areas on a daily basis.

Week 4

Your Vision and Plan

 This week we’ll combine everything we’ve learned in the three previous weeks to develop your growth plan. You’ll get clarity on where you are trying to get to, what actions you need to take and how you are going to develop yourself to get there.

Challenge Programme

4 Week Online Accelerator

16 Mindset Modules

4 Challenge Days

Weekly Accountability

£250 – click here to buy

Next Programme Starts 12/11/18


No risk, money back guarantee:

If you complete the course and you don’t get what you were looking for then we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

You can quit any time in week one and we’ll give you your money back.

You can quit any time after week one and we’ll refund you pro-rata.

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