Introduction to Mindset

5 mini modules to challenge your thinking

1 – Find out what mindset really means, how it works and why your approach to it makes the difference to what you are able to do

2 – You have a unique set of abilities that you can develop to world class levels. Identify yours and define how you will develop them

3 – Fear grips us all and at times we need to develop the courage to push through. However there is another powerful answer to fear…

4 – The fastest way to rewire and upgrade your mindset is Hypervigilance and only the few can ever develop it

5 – Commitment to taking consistent action is the differentiator between success and failure. Learn the two key types and start to move the needle

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Introduction to Strategy

5 mini modules on developing your strategy

1 – Most growing businesses have lost sight of their customer persona and it’s killing their strategy. Have you?

2 – Do you want to be the number one choice for your customers? Then you need to define your M.T.P.

3 – How could you make the competition irrelevant in the mind of your customer? By building a Walled City into your strategy

4 – You need to have two Vision Points if you want to create an effective strategy. Do you know what they are?

5 – A reflection tool and two power questions that will bring your strategic mind into focus

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