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We’ve got the experience

Mindset Experts was born from Entrepreneurial Spark, which has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs over five years and two continents. We understand the journey right from idea through to a massive scale. We’ve got a unique support system and tools that accelerate the entrepreneurial mindset more effectively than any other offer.

Designed specifically to accelerate your business

Our process is designed around the key challenges you face and enables you to address them head-on with straight-forward, targeted support.

  • Develop your strategy
  • Become a leader
  • Leverage your specific abilities
  • Personalised feedback and support from an expert coach
Stefania Pellegrino

“Building a business from scratch is hard. You can have all the right elements, but still not be getting where you want to be. I was constantly pushing – working all the time, and never feeling like I had done enough.

This process really challenged me to start a journey of self-awareness. I am fascinated by the mind, and it felt like everything kept coming back to mindset. I had never taken to time to stop and look at myself deeply.

I’ve become braver in being honest with myself about myself. At first, I was trying to hide stuff and stay in my comfort zone. I had to be honest with myself, and recognise when I was doing that. Now it’s becoming a habit to analyse my reactions in certain situations. Not trying to lie, or to hide, or to run, but just being fully authentic.”

Stefania PellegrinoFounder and MDPurely

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