Your Mindset

The only way to accelerate is to think and act differently

To scale up things need to change. That starts with you.

Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it

Steve Maraboli

Why Mindset Matters

Working in a ‘traditional’ corporate way doesn’t work for entrepreneurs. Getting to where you have hasn’t been done by following a traditional ‘corporate’ approach. Entrepreneurs don’t work well in those types of systems, they have to do it their own way.

Whilst we’ll give you the practical playbook for the work you need to do on the business, the biggest shift you need to make is your mindset. If you don’t change your thinking and approach you’re going to be running around for the rest of your life. You won’t create a business, you’ll create an underpaid and exhausting job.

You Need To Evolve Your Thinking Around;

Strategy and the value you really create | Delegating and letting go | Making bigger, tougher decisions

How you think, how you make decisions, how you interact – everything is based on your mindset. Every entrepreneur has their own unique strengths and innate abilities that enable them to make the leap to the next level. It’s mastering your mindset and leveraging these abilities is what makes the difference between mediocrity and massive success.


Rupert Cross

“An interesting outcome is that members of my team have really started to blossom. It’s all because I’ve just said, bugger it, you’re good enough, get on with it. They seem much more empowered (and knackered come Friday night).”

Rupert CrossCEO5876 Creative Agency

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